Hailing from the depths of South London, Camper Caine is a storyteller who draws from his everyday life experiences.  Growing up on the streets of Peckham, the 26-year-old rapper delves into his archive of trials and tribulations expressing his desires to leave is former lifestyle behind him. After a two-year stint in the dorm rooms of a Nigerian boarding school, Camper embraces his West African heritage.  During the time he spent in Nigeria, he discovered a love for Afrobeats, which influences his music today; a blend of the gritty rap vocals from Peckham over more melodic synths, combined with Afro inspired drum patterns. Since Camper Caine graduated from the Urban Artist School in 2017, he has been nominated for a GRM Daily/ KA Get Rated Award. He is currently writing and producing new material, a skill he developed during his year at the Urban Artist School.